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i know the anser to 1200 divied by 0

pm if you want to know anyway this flash is random but funny its like apature from portal but with more paradox's and strange test's anyway hope you win

Portal Gun YAY

this is great i like when he fails! oh wait....

anyway the ways that he fails are all really funny and new YAY
cant wait for the sequal


i like the idea of luigi finding a paraule universe beneth the stage

oh and Nodder52 if a shell made him grow a fire flower would
probaby make him sontasionsly combust

Pardom my spelling

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wow paradox much?

dont think to much about the order or you will go crazy. anyway i love this game it is so unique and i love the dark feel of the game and how these creature's were created to suffer thats all i have to say. now i have to torture more monsters MWAHAHAHA

That was ..... i cant put it into words

this game is truly increadble as it asks things like what is life? what is reality?
the SGDS feels pain and sadness even though it is a machine therefore raseing the
question if the soul exsits or if anything exsits as you can not tell what is reality

oh and quarantadue if hes dosnt write about its opions then whats he ment to do wait till people make a sentient A.I?

I will now leave you with a question you can not truly anser
do you exsist or does anything?

11223330 needs to upgrade his sense of humor

this game is EPIC the first one was good but this is just EPIC i had heaps of upgrades and an upgrade that you upgrade to upgrade its upgrade level
but it was missing an upgrade for the bomb bar grafics but thats not enoth to lower its score of 10

P.S Giant-Robot-Penguins is cunrently upgradeing his review

what why are you here? huh you want a story? umm okay =D Once apon a time there lived a duck he was a small duck and loved games one day a bigger duck picked on him the small duck then punched him in the face moral: ducks pack a hell of a punch =p

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